Mini Series : Maya – 3

ROHILLA The people of Kiaki tribe were a strong follower of life force. They believed, each object living or otherwise has a life force fuelled by the energy inside it. The reason of this inside energy was unknown to them and this unlimited source became their god. Their living was dedicated to keeping this inner … Continue reading Mini Series : Maya – 3


Voile sur l’horizon / Sail on the horizon

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la barque d’un pêcheur
abandonnée à la mer

voile sur l’horizon
caressée par le vent
guidée par les étoiles
emportée par les vagues

c’est ainsi que je la vois
ma dernière demeure


a small fishing boat
given to the sea

sail on the horizon
caressed by the wind
guided by the stars
carried away by the waves

this is how I see
my last resting place


illustration: A Boat
Odilon Redon (1840-1916)

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Candid Impressions


“You must get in touch with your creativity” is a statement that doesn’t sit easily with me. The older I get the more I realize it’s the other way around; creativity ardently seeks to get in touch with us. It is always naturally seeking and moving out from within that dark, silent and invisible world of immense possibility, wanting to manifest itself in the visible world. Our task is to simply feel its urge and desire, to greet it with deep appreciation as it appears, and then take it by its hand and lead it in to that unfolding space of visibility. This little shift changed my entire understanding of creativity.

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